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What Buhari Said When I Showed Him A Letter To EFCC Asking Them To Investigate Me

However, he said he did not submit the letter because President Muhammadu Buhari humorously kicked against it.

The Vice President stated this at an event in Abuja to celebrate the president’s 80th birthday.

According to him, “One day, I went to him because they were some allegations that were made against me. And I was so angry, so I went to him to show him the letter I had written to the EFCC to investigate.

“He looked at it and looked at me. And because he calls me VP or Professor depending on his mood; this time he said, ‘VP, why do you worry yourself about all these people? These people just make all sorts of allegations, they make all sorts of stories up. Even they are saying that I am about to get married again. And even some foolish people were waiting at the National Mosque, waiting for me to come and marry again.”

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