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Vote Who Will Maintain Momentum Created For Great Nigeria

Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari, has called on Nigerians to vote among the presidential candidates for the 2023 election one who will maintain the momentum he has created for great Nigeria.


Newsonline reports that amid all economic woes and insecurity, fuel scarcity and high food inflation, 20 million out-of-school children and 133 million citizens living below the poverty line, unemployment and underemployment, Nigeria’s president, Buhari said he has created a great country for the citizens.


President Buhari said he would continue to provide political and material support to the armed forces to ensure sustenance of peace across all parts of the country during the yuletide and as the 2023 election draws near.



“Until my last day in office, I will continue to provide political and material support to sub-national governments, the Armed Forces, institutions and individuals working wholeheartedly for the peace, unity, stability and progress of Nigeria.

“The advances we have made so far on the economic front, especially in infrastructure, food security, anti-corruption, security, energy sufficiency, among others, will need to be built on.

“This joyous season has coincided with the period of campaigns to usher in a new administration. I urge you to be circumspect and vote for those that will maintain the momentum we have created for the greater good of the country,” Buhari said in his Christmas message to Nigerian Christians who are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.


The president of the poverty capital of the world (Nigeria), according to World Bank, added that his is committed to leaving a legacy of free, fair and credible election come 2023.


This, Buhari said, would ensure that the democracy of Africa’s most populated and largest economy remains strong, and for the survival of Africa’s democracy.


“Since 2015, the conduct of our elections continues to steadily improve. The 2019 general elections, the off-season elections in Edo, Ekiti, Anambra and Osun; all conducted in largely improved contexts, to the satisfaction of contestants and voters. This is what we hope for in 2023.

“As I have said repeatedly, leaving behind a legacy of free and fair elections is a priority for our administration. Beyond our borders, we will also continue to work to improve the quality of governance, especially in West Africa, where democracy’s survival is currently challenged,” Buhari added.

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