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Tinubu going into the examination with text books


By Eghebi Williams Lince

Many unpleasant things have been said about Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the Presidential Candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC. The frequency of the mud thrown at him has increased especially now that he wants the approval of Nigerians for his inordinate ambition. It is expected. After all, any person who seeks election in Nigeria must be ready to hear the names of those that dated his or her mother before she got married.

I will not dwell on the cloud surrounding the true identity of his parents nor the schools he attended. Chief Bode George has spoken much about them. Certainly, the allegation of his drug dealings in the United States of America need not perturb me since Reno Omokri is having a field day on the issue.
I also think that his ownership of Lagos State and the misery surrounding the Alpha Beta Company do not need my attention though he has not till this moment given satisfactory insight on the tilted revenue collection deals.

Finally, I will not turn my eyes on the Muslim/Muslim Presidential Ticket of the APC. I am further emboldened to veer off this trajectory because it is amongst the religious leaders that corruption, adultery, blasphemy, idolatry, and many other heinous crimes take hostage. Religion, therefore need not be an index for consideration.

The last thing I will refrain myself from is his failing health. This is more so because his real age as given by peers has exposed him to such senile fallouts. When push comes to shove, nature manifests.
There is something about Uncle Bola, aka, Emilokon, that cannot resist commentary. It is his audacity to disrespect time-tested democratic norms.

It is strange that Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the Presidential Candidate of the APC has become dodgy when asked to put himself out for public scrutiny. When the Nigeria Bar Association invited him last August with other Presidential Candidates, he sent his running mate who introduced the infamous dress code at a ceremony where learned Nigerians gathered to talk about various burning national issues.

While he declined to be part of the Arise Television Townhall Meetings, he flew to London to appear at the Chatham House Lecture filled with cheerleaders, chaperones, and baggage bearers. Though ‘Emilokon’ didn’t replay his series of gaffes, he literarily left the venue without upticks.
Senator Bola Tinubu is free not to honour the invitation for media scrutiny in Nigeria just as Nigerians cannot be railroaded to cast their votes for him. It is not a matter of mix and pick.

At Chatham House, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu thought he was smart by seeking a lifeline that was not included in the ground rules. While he acted like a guest at the popular British TV series,” who wants to be a millionaire?”, the organisers of the Chatham House event should be seething from the mess the landlord of Lagos caused the iconic platform.
The display of Bola Tinubu can be likened to a candidate who walks into the examination hall with his textbooks. A rogue student would have the courtesy of taking permission from the invigilator to pick something from his bag. Tinubu in the middle of the examination, without permission from the invigilator, walked to his bag, picked up the vital books with which he got materials to respond to the questions. In some clime, the action would lead to outright decanting from the hall or his results seized.

Chris Tarrant presenter of the ITV quiz, would not give Tinubu the leverage to swag and flaunt his disrespect to Nigerians unlike the reverence the Chatham House host did. He appeared to be comfortable with his pay packet not knowing that Tinubu should have been questioned on the demands of the job he seeks. Instead of tucking his tails, Senator Tinubu sent out his attacks dogs against Prince Nduka Obaigbena, Oseni Yusuf, and the entire Arise Television management for their stance on free speech. Somebody should tell him that Nigeria is on auto-drive.

Nigerians will no longer accept the threat of pushing the Ibos into the lagoon for defying voting orders. Poverty has no tribe. Kidnappers do not exempt people of the same religion. Flood is ravaging both North and South. Inflation does not discriminate against political parties.
There is a choice we have to make now to refix the nation. The Atiku/Okowa ticket will kickstart the New Nigeria. Let’s make it the real deal.

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