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South Africa Set To Legalize S3x Work

Following the high level of crime against women, South Africa has revealed plans to decriminalize sex work in the country.

The country’s Justice Minister, Ronald Lamola, has put forward a proposed legislation under which the sale and purchase of sex work will no longer be seen as a crime in the country.

Ronald, in a press briefing, said he hoped the new law would reduce human rights violations and provide better protection for sex workers.

It is hoped that decriminalization will minimize human rights violations against sex workers.

“It would also mean better access to health care and … afford better protection for sex workers, better working conditions and less discrimination and stigma,” he said.

The bill only deals with decriminalizing sex work, and does not regulate the sex industry, however, the Minister said regulation would come at a later stage.

The Parliament will then approve the proposed legislation for it to become law, a procedure that could take a few months.

“With sex workers no longer labelled as criminals, they can work much better with the police to tackle violence,” sex worker rights’ group SWEAT wrote on Facebook, welcoming the bill as “incredible news”.

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