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Reasons Why Muslims Do Not Eat Christmas Foods

People could reject foods offered to them for different reasons. However, each Christmas season many Christians express wonder why their foods get rejected by some Muslim faithful.

Today, December 25 marked another Christmas day all over the world. Christmas is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. At such a time, many religious and cultural events are celebrated among billions of people around the world, Naija News reports.

During this period, most Christians around the world prepare varieties of foods and drink to mark this special day.

They also extend the love by sharing some of these foods with their friends, neighbours from within and other religious believers including Muslims.

However, many Muslims usually forbid or reject Christmas food given to them on Christmas day by Christians.

This has raised many questions as Christians primarily believed the sharing of food and other gifts by them to others is a mere extension of love and the promotion of peace.

To help our readers understand better, Naija News is able to find out some reasons why some Muslims reject, and do not eat food offered to them on Christmas day.

Some of these reasons are explained below:

Holiday of Another Religion

As you may have known, Christmas and New Year Celebrations are two different things.

For Christians, Christmas is a holiday to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. To this understanding, Muslims believe it would be inappropriate for them to celebrate the holiday of another religion.

To some of them, it is not forbidden to accept the gifts and return the favour with best wishes. They also believe as a Muslim, you can pray for the other religion in your own words. However, you shouldn’t celebrate any holiday of a religion rather than the one stated in Islam.

Muslims Only Celebrate Three Festivals

Naija News understands that Muslims as stated in the Qur’an are only allowed to celebrate just three festivals, which include; Eid-el Maulud, Eid-el fitir and Eid-el Kabir.

Hence, any other festivals to them aside from these three are forbidden. Because of these, some Muslims believe it is not wise to eat the food prepared for any festival that is not mentioned in their Holy Book and this is why many usually reject Christmas foods.

The Type Of Food Prepared By Some Christians

Generally, people eat different kinds of food as it suits their appetite. However, different religions forbid some kinds of food.

It is observed that Muslims forbid Christmas food because of the ingredients some Christians use while preparing their meal. Devoted Muslims do not eat pigs, dogs and some other kinds of meats as it is forbidden in Islam.

Some Christians (not all) do not find pig and dog meat offensive and eat it at any given time. With this fear, many Muslims prefer to reject foods from Christians during Christmas to avoid those animals forbidden and tagged (Haram) in Islam.

Another reason why they reject Christmas foods according to some Muslims is that some Christians do not slaughter animals by their neck and any meat that is not slaughtered by their necks is also forbidden in Islam.

Naija News understands, however, that some Muslims celebrate Christmas with Christians and eat their foods provided the food ingredients are Halal (permissible) by Islam.

More importantly, Jesus Christ whose birthday is celebrated is well respected by devoted Muslims, as he is known and regarded as a great Prophet in their religion.

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