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Obasanjo Speaks On Getting Right President, Reveals Plans

Obasanjo speaks on the type Of President Nigeria Needs In 2023 and his plans to actualise it. 


Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, on Sunday, said that the major problem with Nigeria was the dearth of leaders with the right type of character, who should be trusted with the leadership role.

He said the country would need a President in 2023 with the right character and capacity to turn things around.

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Newsonline reports that Obasanjo said he was working with other elder statesmen to ensure that the country has a leader who can address the insecurity and other challenges facing the country.

The former president stated this after he signed a condolence register for the First Republic Minister of Aviation, Chief Mbazulike Amaechi, who died on November 1, at the National Secretariat of the Ohanaeze Ndigbo in Enugu State.


Obasanjo added that the county needs a leader who would guarantee every Nigerian that they have a sense of belonging and there would be justice for all.

He said: “So if I put my hand on someone, it means that compared with the other, I see that there is a merit that will be of benefit to Nigeria.

“And I believe that Chief Adebanjo stands for the same thing. Nigeria needs a leader with the right character and capacity to turn things around.”


Obasanjo said although he had paid his dues in Nigeria, he would not relent in pushing for justice, and equity ahead of the 2023 general elections.

The former President asserted that the problem with the country is not ethnicity or religion but national.

He said, “I have shed my blood for this country. I have gone to prison for this country. So, what are you going to frighten or threaten me with? The only thing that my senior brother (Adebanjo) hasn’t done is that he hasn’t shed his blood, but he has gone to prison.

“What I believe and what I think Pa Ayo Adebanjo believes is not ethnic, it’s not sectional, it is not religious, it is Nigeria. I believe in equity, I believe in justice, I believe in one Nigeria.”

Obasanjo also described Mbazulike as an authentic Nigerian patriot and the last of the Titans.

He, however, said the foremost nationalist would not be around to witness the new Nigeria that he labored for.

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