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Marriage is a scam! – Pere

36 years old reality tv star, and former Big Brother Naija show housemate, Pere Egbi, has stoked fire on social media, stating that marriage is a scam.



Newsonline reports that the model and actor who was a US Marine veteran said love is beautiful but marriage is scam.



The BBnaija’s former housemate’s statement on his Twitter handle did not come without a tackle from followers and fans who disagreed with him.



Chuks @jaythedopeI said, “Marriage is not a scam. That people fail exams, doesn’t make exam a scam. Marriage is an exam that questions your fidelity, values, integrity and strength of character. As with every exam, some fail and others pass. Those who are bent on failing cos others failed l’say tisascam.”




koko @kokoghostmode tweeted, “Ashawo dey your eye finish… and you are scared of commitment and responsibility. This mindset will make you miss the goodness God say in companionship. @pereegb
wait until you are 60 years then you will understand the true importance of companionship born out of marriage.”


In further reaction to replies from his fans and followers, the latest Gulder Lager beer ambassador, Pere, said those stating attitude is the reason for marriage breakups and divorces should know that there is nobody without attitude.



He said “the same ones shouting “it’s not” are the same ones who believe there’s a “right person” for you! No there isn’t. There are “compatible” persons for everyone tho. It’s still a scam. Why marry only to end up in divorce and be single all over again?”


Pere further backed his stance with biblical chapter and verse. He said “everyone has a bad attitude? Seems like it is cos the marriages we admire most are the ones breaking. I mean even Paul advised the unmarried to stay single! (1 Cor 7:8).



“In Heaven, you won’t have a wife or husband for the rest of eternity! Love isn’t a scam tho.”
Born June 27 1986, an indigene of Warri, Delta State; Pere was raised by a single mother and is the firstborn of two children.

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