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I’m ready to work with big artists, most especially Olamide – Olabode VG

Nigerian music sensation, Olabode VG has revealed his desire to work with popular rapper Olamide and other big acts in the music industry.

Olabode recently dropped a new hit track titled “House Party” and also working on another E.P. which is to be released early next year.

In an interview with, the singer said he’s into music for his passion and also for the business aspect of it.

What inspired your new track: House Party?
I was interested in making a danceable song for my fans and since the year was coming to an end, the thought of making a party song came to my mind. If you are very close to me, you will realize how much I like to be different. So regardless of the fact that I was creating a party song, I still had to make it different from the usual and that’s how I came about House Party. The song is very special to me because it’s my first time jumping on a different genre of music and I am thankful for the love from my supporters so far, It’s overwhelming.

Working on any Album?
Yes, I am working on another E.P. to be released early next year.

How do you handle your female fans?
You know it’s actually easier for you to gain more fans through a lady than a guy. If a lady loves your song, the whole gang does so for this reason, I put my female fans into consideration when making my music that’s why my ladies love me and I love them too (blushes). Nothing more, nothing less just business.

Any support from your family?
Well, yeah. It was tough at first but I am glad they understand better now. My family is supportive and I am thankful.

Are you into music for passion or for money?
Both. I love making music. It’s the one thing that really makes me happy but then I have decided to make a career out of it so yea it’s passion and business.

Which particular audience is your target for your kind of music?
Honestly speaking I make music for everybody. I am mostly inspired by reality and my environment, which makes it easy for anyone to actually relate to my kind of music.

How do you spend your leisure time?
I love spending time with loved ones when I am not working. I make use of the opportunity to connect with as many friends and family as I can. Sometimes I spend time at the beach or use the pool with my close friends and family.

Which favourite artist do you wish to feature?
I am so ready to work with every big name but most especially Olamide.

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