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How I spent my Christmas

Candidate of the Labour Party for the 2023 presidential election, Mr Peter Obi has disclosed how he spent his Christmas. (TNG) reports Obi made the disclosure on Sunday via his official Twitter handle, tweeting that he spent the day visiting displaced Nigerians in IDP Camps.

“They were forced to abandon their homes due to the pervasive insecurity. It is disconcerting that the government is failing in its responsibility to protect her citizens. This must change,” Obi tweeted.

Meanwhile, speaking with the IDPs, Peter Obi said that their plight would not continue, adding that they should have hope that they would soon go back to their ancestral homes.

“What you are passing through is what Nigeria is passing through. As long as you remain here in the camp, Nigeria is not doing well.

“It is my desire that you will like this camp and continue to do what you know best to do which is farming. As long as you remain in IDP camp, Nigeria is in IDP,” he said.

Obi expressed joy at celebrating Christmas with the Displaced Persons, saying that he was unhappy to see fellow Nigerians camped against their wishes in IDP camps.

“I cannot celebrate while you are in camps hence the decision to celebrate with you,” he said.

Earlier, Dr Emmanuel Shior, the Executive Secretary of the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), said that Obi was the only presidential candidate that visited and celebrated Christmas with the IDPs.

Shior said that the state 12 has officially recognised IDPs camps and seven unofficial camps hosting thousands of Displaced Persons.

He said that Obi had visited to encourage and give hope to the over 10,000 IDPs in Abagana IDPs camp, stating that he donated N3 million to them.

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