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Don’t Be Deceived- Jandor Tells Lagosians

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship candidate for Lagos in the 2023 election, Azeez Olajide Adediran, popularly called Jandor, has advised Lagosians not to fall into the deceptive test-run of Lagos Blue Line.


Newsonline reports that Jandor said the test run and commissioning of two out of 12 stations of the 13 years Lagos Blue Line at this electioneering time by Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu are aimed at deceiving the Lagos voters.


Jandor said this on Thursday while commenting on the commissioning of two stations of the Lagos Blue Line the APC government led by Sanwo-Olu.


The PDP governorship candidate said, “as election season draws close, we see the APC return to long-established habits of teasing infrastructural projects that are far from completion in the hopes of securing votes. We saw it in 2018 during the build-up to the 2019 elections when the Lagos state government used a helicopter to surveil the perpetual gridlock at Apapa with the promise to clear it in one year following re-election of APC government.


“That photo-op is a silent witness of the half-truths and failed promises of the APC in Lagos, in the same way Governor Sanwo-Olu’s deceptive ‘test run’ of the Lagos Blue Line will be referred to in years to come.”

He added, “Governor Sanwo-Olu rolled out red carpets and wasted tax payer’s money to ‘test run’ two stop stations out of the expected 12 stations that span the original plan of Lagos Blue Line, from Marina to Okokomaiko which now terminates at Mile 2.

“He surely doesn’t expect Lagosians to rejoice after thirteen years of consistent delays in execution and waste of public funds. Test runs of infrastructural projects funfair were preceded by another funfair when the last beam was erected few months ago.”


Azeez said the APC government planned to use the funfair commissioning of the Lagos Blue Line to take the eyes of Lagosians off the debt he has put the state into.

“This test run funfair was conceived to continually keep a face of performance by a government which has nothing to show for its almost 4 years in office, despite increasing the state local debt to N877 billion from N542 billion where he met it in 2019, leaving us to combined N1.43 trillion of both local and external debt.

“What value is this test run other than to pad Governor Sanwo-Olu’s track record, considering he has underdelivered on all his campaign promises, except the ones that serve the Lagos bourgeoisie, which are promptly executed and commissioned.

“We have no cause to celebrate government officials congratulating themselves for test-running an uncompleted mass train project for Eko for show. The proof of the scale of this misrepresentation is there, go and visit National Theater next week to assess the situation on ground.

“We cannot continue to allow these career politicians deceive the poor masses anymore. We cannot continue to accept crumbs packaged as progress.”

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