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‘A Leader Cannot Be Weak And Confused’ – Pastor Kumuyi

Speaking on leadership during a sermon at his church, the General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor William Kumuyi, admonished that there is a need for every leader to be strong and courageous.

The respected Christian cleric said it is not right for a leader to be weak and confused.

According to him, such kind of leaders could easily succumb to doing the wrong thing, especially when under pressure.

Naija News reports that Kumuyi stated this on a live Television programme while addressing his congregation during the Church’s Ministers/Professionals conference.

”A leader who knows the right thing but lacks courage could succumb to doing the wrong thing by pressure from people surrounding him,” Pastor Kumuyi noted.

Drawing his message from Joshua 1:1-2, the clergyman admonished leaders to learn from the Biblical Moses and Joshua, who delivered good performances in their different assignments.

Kumuyi warned them not to be like Aaron, who succumbed to pressure and raised an altar to a strange god when the people were about to stone him, even though he knew it was against the will of God.

He said: “Every leader needs courage, not the wavering type that makes him oscillate between courage and nowhere.

“Courage every time with tenacity, in every situation, with the spirit of God abiding within you. You have gathered enough experience but some new things will happen that you have never seen before. Courage in leadership in things past, present and in future.

“You must be steadfast at all times, not strong today, weak and confused tomorrow. The road is always clear for the steadfast. Moses told Joshua in the presence of the people to be courageous. He knew what it meant to lead the mixed multitude. This was what Aaron lacked when in Moses’ absence, he succumbed to the people and raised an altar to a strange god for them when they were about to stone him. He knew the right but did the wrong because of a lack of courage.

“Whatever happens, familiar or otherwise, a courageous leader stands his ground. He must be strong in the heart, spirit, in the inner man, courage in the inner man, soul and spirit.”

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