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2023 will be a better year

The Primate, Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, Most Rev. Henry Ndukuba has expressed optimism that the country will overcome its challenges and become stronger among the comity of nations.

Addressing the congregation in his Christmas message at the Cathedral Church of Advent, Life Camp, Abuja, Archbishop Ndukuba said the birth of Jesus Christ brought hope to mankind.

He urged Nigerians not to be afraid of the challenges but look unto God who has promised to bring the country out of the present situation and liberate the citizens.

The Primate called on Nigerians to have faith in God and not to be afraid because the purpose of God for Nigeria would come to pass soon.

According to him, there is hope for Nigeria as the people are passing through what they are passing through as individuals, as families, as a people, and as a nation.

“At such a time as this, just as it was in the very first Christmas, when Jesus was born, the message of the Angel to the shepherds, who were like neglected people, oppressed and not regarded in the society.

“When God wanted to break the news of the birth of Jesus, they were the first people that God told what heaven has done, which means God has regard for everybody.

“God has regard for the people, especially the downtrodden, those that are oppressed and suffering, and those that have no regard, no class.”

The Primate however called on Christains to walk righreously for things to work in their favour.

“I am believing God that a good number of people in the world are passing through challenging times and things that make them worth feel worthless.

“But this Christmas, the message to us is, do not be afraid. Do not be overtaken by the things that you are confronting you.

“Look onto God, for our sake, Jesus was born, so that He will deliver us from the bondage of sin and death, giving us salvation and freedom.

“So that we will be indeed the people that God has intended and purpose for us,

“There is a purpose for God in the life of every individual, every family, and indeed, for Nigeria, and that the purpose shall surely come to pass.

“His purpose will come to pass in Nigeria because God has given us, His Son, Jesus Christ, the Saviour, born to us.

”So that we shall be delivered from the bondage of this world and be given hope and purpose to live the glory of God.

“As we celebrate Christmas, we encourage people to open up their hearts, that Jesus may be born in them, to open up their lives and surrender that life to the one who is the Lord our God.

”And if we will open up unto him, the purpose of God shall be fulfilled and the things that God wants to do in and through us, will be manifested,” he said.

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