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10 Ways to Make Windows 11 Fast

10 Ways to Make Windows 11 Fast

Windows 10 is widely considered a great Operating System, but it is not without its shortcomings. There are a lot of features that make Windows 10 fast which include its ability to automatically download security and critical updates, data compression, and its advanced power management features. However, there are a few features that slow down Windows 10 and make it prone to performance and system issues. This blog is mainly about 10 tips on how you can optimize Windows 10 and make it less prone to performance and system issues.

While Windows 10 has come a long way from its humble beginnings, the performance is still not up to snuff. While it’s not the fastest operating system, it can still be made much faster with a few simple tweaks. Here are a few ways you can make Windows 10 fast.

Ways to Make Windows 11 Fast

Microsoft has tried a lot of things to optimize Windows 10 to make it the most performant Windows yet. The most important thing is to always keep the PC running at its peak performance, and that includes the operating system. If you want to speed up your computer and make your Windows experience less prone to performance and system issues, check out these 10 tips to make Windows 11 fast.

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Windows 10 was just released, and Microsoft has released a lot of features that are sure to please users. However, some of the features of Windows 10 can cause issues and slow down your computer.

There are many ways to speed up Windows 10, but the easiest and most effective way is to just close out of the programs that you don’t need. The more you close out of programs, the less time Windows 10 will need to spend on them. This can be done by right-clicking on the program icon and selecting the “Close” option. Another way is to press the Windows key and “X” to close out of the program. You can also close out of the program by pressing the “Esc” key and clicking on the “Close” button. Lastly, you can use the Task Manager to close out of the programs that you don’t need.

For Windows 10, Microsoft has implemented a ton of improvements, some small and some big. Among those are a lot of little tweaks in the system that can make the overall experience of using Windows 10 a lot better. Here are the 10 Fastest Ways to Optimize Windows 10.

10 Ways to Make Windows 11 Fast

Here Are a Few Ways to Make Windows 11 Fast:

  • Use the smallest possible font.
  • Check your computer’s Power Options and make sure your processor is not set to power save mode.
  • Disable the indexing service.
  • Clean up temporary files.
  • Run a disk defragmenting utility.
  • Disable unnecessary startup programs
  • Disable the start-up sound.
  • Install your operating system update.
  • Disable AutoPay.
  • Disable your antivirus and firewall.
  • Disable Windows Defender.
  • Close unused apps.
  • Uninstall unused programs.
  • Clear your browser’s cache.
  • Uninstall old versions of programs.
  • Use a power saver mode in Windows.
  • Move your mouse or touchpad slowly.
  • Uninstall the old version of Windows.
  • Disable automatic downloads.
  • Disable the first-run experience

10 Ways to Make Windows 11 Fast

  1. Use a clean installation of Windows 10. If you are using a version of Windows that came with your PC, you can switch to a clean install, which will clear out your old files and programs and make it easier for you to get up and running and have a faster computer.
  2. Disable Cortana and search settings. Cortana is the virtual assistant for Windows 10. Cortana can be a bit of a battery hog and can often be a little annoying. To turn off Cortana, open Cortana settings, go to settings and disable Cortana.
  3. Use the power plan to keep your computer on. Most computers are set up to automatically turn on and off depending on the power source. However, if you want to keep your computer on all the time, use the power plan to keep your computer on. To do this, go to Settings, System, and then select a power plan.
  4. Update your drivers. If you are having trouble with your computer, paying attention to your drivers may help.

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